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This site was first put on the web in 1999 as a quick outline of my lectures for my graphic design students. I was trying to find a way to engage the studio designer by subject, rather than timeline.

In 2010 I left teaching for other pursuits but am keeping this archive posted for the foreseeable future.

The work behind this site is substantial. I've spent over 20 years reading, studying, visiting museums and libraries. I have an MFA from Cranbrook but am primarily self taught in this discipline. I have, however, taken plenty of design history classes at The Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, Princeton University and The University of Pennsylvania. For me, design history is an endlessly fascinating topic.

All original copy on this site is now protected by the U.S. Office of Copyright, (application 2010, approval 2011).
In addition, the entire site is protected under the guidelines of a Creative Commons license which allows sharing of information but you must attribute the work with the complete URL, http://www.designhistory.org.


You may not use this site for commercial work, or alter, transform or build upon this work. You may not chop it up and reorganize it and claim it as your own.

Teaching faculty may use this site for their classes and as a virtual textbook. If you download pages and convert them to pdfs you must include the web address. We appreciate advance notice.

Students may quote sections in their academic papers with proper footnotes and citations.


The blog, Field Trip, has been added for those interested in trips to various design history destinations or are armchair travelers.


Nancy Stock-Allen


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